Packages Offered


Canine Socialization

It's always play time at the dog park. 

This 1-2 hour outdoor package includes a trip to one of several local dog parks, including Bear Creek, Palmer Park, and Cheyenne Meadows, as well as optional trail hiking in the surrounding area.


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High Altitude Hiking

Exercise at it's finest.

If your dog constantly ends the day with extra energy, a good climb might be the fix you're looking for. During this 2-3 hour trip, your dog will get an opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful terrain around.


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Nature Treks

A casual stroll somewhere spectacular.

Customized nature treks cater to your dogs specific needs while still getting them in the great outdoors. Open space areas like Red Rock Canyon, Ute Valley, and the Garden of the Gods always make for a great time.

$45; prices vary

*** All packages are one-on-one trips, unless a single client has multiple dogs. Additional fees for multiple dogs apply.***